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Traditionally, with the closing of business hours, all contact with the company would be unavailable to customers until the next day. Often, this costs hundreds if not thousands of dollars in loss of revenue. An after-hours answering service helps you fill the gaps in your customer support schedule.

Duane for hire transforms customer service into experiences that feel more personal. I’ll help you build a reputation for exceptional customer service and engagement. You can depend on me to be your brand specialist after hours. As you handle business, I’ll help you increase your profits with after-hours customer service.

With my after-hours phone answering service, your business is always open. With my after-hours customer service, your customers always have a way to resolve their issues outside of “traditional” business hours. After-hours support helps capture more revenue and makes you the authority in your field.

Did You Know?

“94% of American customers will recommend a company whose service they rate as “very good.” (Qualtrics XM Institute).”

Service Benefits:

Value-Driven Service

Providing excellent customer service by answering customers’ questions and exceeding their expectations. I use a value-driven approach to engage customers and build strong relationships.

Prevent Business Failure

Excellent customer service prevents gaps in your business. A lack of customer service leads to buyers becoming frustrated over minor issues. Feel secure knowing that your existing and future customers will receive the best of service.

Attract Loyal Customers

According to research, attracting new customers costs five times more than keeping existing customers. A business that provides trustworthy customer service beats the competition.

Generate Better Reviews

Reviews show the loyalty of your customer. Loyal customers provide positive reviews and good feedback to help businesses strengthen their brands. A loyal customer is 10 times more valuable than their first purchase.

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Delegating your tasks to me means you’re putting your business in the hands of an experienced virtual marketing assistant. I stand behind my 30-day money-back guarantee as a testament to my commitment to your success.

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