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Solution-Oriented Virtual Marketing Assistant delivering agency-level expertise for a fraction of the cost. When you hire me, you'll have access to the best marketing practices, proven sales strategies, and tested formulas to improve your business.

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Our Vision

With my expertise in digital marketing, I help business owners expand their businesses online. My goal is to streamline your time-consuming processes.

Our Mission

It is my mission to help you achieve success. With a successful communication record and a jack of all trades approach, I help businesses reach new heights online.

Our Promise

I’m confident that you will enjoy working with Duane For Hire. Working for agencies for over a decade, I’m able to deliver the same value at a fraction of the cost.


Agency-Level Expertise

When you work with me, you get agency-level expertise for a fraction of the cost. I promise to simplify, organize and empower entrepreneurs to achieve their vision of true success!

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