Questions? Good!

1. How long have you worked as a Virtual Assistant?

I’ve been in digital marketing for 19 years. Since the pandemic, I’ve switched from freelancer (working for agencies) to virtual assistant to work directly with small business owners.

2. What do you consider your core skills and services?

3. What is your preferred method of communication?

I prefer email, or phone, and text (if it’s urgent) AFTER an initial video call. Unless we are meeting at the end of the month or for an emergency meeting, I prefer to keep details in one place so we can stay on track.

4. Where are you located (what time zone more specifically)?

I’m in St. Louis Missouri which is on CST time (think Chicago). However, I do my best to extend my hours as I’m passionate about being reachable to my clients on both coasts.

5. What are your work hours and how many other clients are you servicing on a weekly basis?

You can reach me M-Friday 6 am to 6 pm CST. Per month, I take on no more than 12 clients at a maximum of 20 hours each. I often handle creative (content, copy, graphic, illustration) tasks during the day and the more technical tasks (WordPress, SEO, Social Media, and Email) during the evening (as they can have errors that affect working functionality or require troubleshooting).

6. Will my work be sub-contracted to someone else?

It’s just me and you working together to make it happen. It’s “Duane” for hire for a reason. However, if you need services outside of my skill sets, I can surely refer you to a trusted source.

7. What software/computer programs do you use and are experienced in?

MS Word, Adobe Suite, Google Suite, HubSpot, WordPress, HTML 5, CCS3, PHP, JAVA, JQUERY, Screaming frog, SEMRush, Raven, Majestic, Ahrefs, Moz, Cava, Grammarly, and more. Over the last 20 years, I’ve used a serious amount of tools. However, I do my best to keep up with trends and emerging software weekly. Always transparent, I will let you know if I do not have experience with a tool you suggest.

8. Describe a typical work week.

My workday varies by client. I work on an average of two clients per day and no more than four clients per week. The success of my workflows allows me to meet deadlines.

9. What security measures do you have in place (computer, home)?

My workstation is top-notch. As someone with a background in web development and security, I ensure that our workflow is secure. At Duane For Hire, your work is safe and secure.

10. Do you have a private office space?

Yes. My home has an office area where I spend 60 hours a week helping small business owners like you scale their businesses. By working from home, I can maintain my connections securely and keep conversations and calls confidential.

11. You have a deadline when your computer suddenly crashed. What would you do?

First, I’d let you know we had an issue or a delay. Then, I’d use one of my other two computers to continue the workflow. I keep everything backed up on Dropbox, so we always have backups in case of an error outside of my control.

12. Do you charge for time we spend emailing or on the phone?

I described the time allotted for calls in detail in the retainer contract. As for emails, I do my best to respond rapidly and in detail based on our agreement. If the scope of a question is outside of our agreement, a paid consultation will need to be scheduled.

13. Do you have client references or testimonials?

Yes, I love to share client success stories. You can see some of my testimonials right here on the site or on my LinkedIn.

14. Do you require me to sign a contract?

Yes, of course. A binding contract protects us both legally and ensures a solid working relationship. We can adjust all agreements if necessary.

15. Do you have a confidentiality agreement?

Yes. I send the agreement along with the contract for signing after your client questionnaire is returned and your free discovery call. (if you choose to hire me)

16. Do you have Insurance?

Yes. Duane For Hire has general liability insurance which covers just about any issues that can arise from a home-based business.

17. Out of everything you do for clients, what is your favorite?

Creative and Technical because of my certifications in branding and digital marketing. I added administrative tasks last, covering research (copy and content) and customer service (technical issues). Which is my favorite? Branding, because it encompasses the entire business strategy.

18. How do you charge (how is time billed – 15 minute increments, hourly, per project, etc.)?

I bill monthly based on 10-hour minimum retainers. If a client gets close to going past the hours billed, I call them to discuss options. I plan retainer billing carefully to make sure you get the most out of each month of services.

19. Is there an extra charge for rush projects? Will you ever work evenings or weekends?

Yes. Rush projects are projects due within 48 hours after 6 pm CST or over the weekend. Expect to pay rush fees which depend on the scope of the project.

20.What payments do you accept?

Cash App, Paypal, Venmo, Square, or Check.


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