Multi-Certified Brand Marketing Strategist

Solution-Oriented brand marketing strategist delivering agency-level expertise for a fraction of the cost. When you hire me, you'll have access to the best marketing practices, proven sales strategies, and tested formulas to improve your business.

Hey, it’s me Duane, your favorite digital strategist.

There are many self-proclaimed “experts” out there, but let me guide you with my proven track record of experience.


I’m a results-oriented digital marketing consultant and virtual assistant. Duane For Hire uses proven strategies to enhance your business performance. No matter the challenge, I focus on delivering practical and enduring results.

Hardworking yet humble, I have a passion for all things digital. Having excellent communication skills and an unorthodox approach, I strive to deliver results. Yes, RESULTS.

Over the years we’ve served clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

You are here because you’re ready for growth. Hiring a digital marketing virtual assistant is one of the BEST ways to enhance your business. However, it requires a knowledgeable marketing strategist to breathe life into your brand.

Learning about the goals of new business entrepreneurs is exciting for me. I enjoy teaching business owners how to speed up their processes and streamlining their operations.

I am confident I can contribute to your future growth and profit if given the chance.



Running a business requires teamwork. By partnering with me, you’ll get a virtual assistant who keeps everything on track.


As a digital marketing expert with over 20 years of experience, I have extensive knowledge of running a business.


You can count on my extensive expertise and diverse experience to provide results. With me in your corner, your output can double!


I pride myself on being available and responsive to all of my clients. We guarantee to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.


I take the time to learn about you and your brand. When you work with me, you can always expect high-quality attention to detail!


Time is valuable because time is money. Since timelines are of the utmost importance, we will keep you informed regularly.


  • 18 years in branding strategy
  • 18 years in graphic design
  • 16 years in WordPress development
  • 12 years in SEO consulting and strategy
  • 12 years in online content creation
  • 12 years in social media management
  • 7 years in conversion copywriting
  • 7 years in email marketing and lead generation


  • Brand Master Academy
  • Flux Academy Brand Design Mastery
  • WordPress Development Certified
  • Social Media Management, Hootsuite
  • Digital Marketing, Google Digital Garage
  • Content Marketing, HubSpot Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing, HubSpot Email Marketing
  • Lead Generation, HubSpot Inbound Marketing

Agency-Level Expertise.

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Delegating your tasks to me means you’re putting your business in the hands of an experienced virtual marketing assistant. I stand behind my 30-day money-back guarantee as a testament to my commitment to your success.

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